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The project – Tribute to Enrico Pieranunzi

Born out of a spontaneous encounter during an open jam session, the Loïc Rosnay Quartet brings four musicians with various backgrounds together, into a musical project built around the music of the celebrated Italian jazz pianist Enrico Pieranunzi. He has been for many years a constant and strong inspiration to some of us, and we are proud to dedicate him our new music.

Romantic but impulsive, harmonically complex but fluid… our repertoire comprises some tunes of Enrico Pieranunzi as well as own compositions influenced in some way by his music. Have a little taster in the section music!

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The musicians

nicolas roy

Nicolas Roy

Nicolas comes originally from France where he studied jazz in Grenoble and Lyon. He has been bandleader and composer for many jazz ensembles, and used to play regularly in jazz-clubs of southern France.

He has played with several renowned French jazzmen, such as Jérôme Regard, Emmanuel Scarpa, Gil Lachenal.

Since 2003 he has been living in Berlin, sharing his life between his two passions: mathematics and jazz.

Gabriel Rosenbach

Gabriel Rosenbach

Born in Berlin in 1996, Gabriel at first started to play the piano, before he picked up playing the trumpet at age six. From there on, he gained experience in both the realms of Classical and Jazz music, being a member of several all-state symphony orchestras and big bands.
After his studies in Dresden and Mainz, Gabriel moved back to his home town Berlin in 2020 to become an active part of the scene, especially with his main projects, WANUBALÉ and Hans Anselm Quintet. In addition to that, he is fairly busy as a side man in several other German cities, such as Cologne and Mannheim.
Gabriel has won several awards as a soloist and as a band member, including the “Sparda Jazz Award” in 2018 and the “future.sounds” competition in 2019.

Vincent Niessen

Vincent Niessen
Double bass

Born in 1997, Vincent is a Berlin based composer and bass player. Having studied jazz in both Dresden and Paris Niessen has developed a strong and unique sound on his instrument, which has contributed to his flourishing performance career and being awarded the IB.SH-JazzAward in 2019. The prize is given annually to a promising young musician at the JazzBaltica festival.

Regular touring with various ensembles has taken him throughout Germany, Europe, as well as to the USA and Japan. Niessen’s creative work as sideman, composer and bandleader, can also be heard on several albums and recordings.

Jonas Friese

Jonas Friese

Jonas is a Berlin based drummer who is currently studying at the Jazz Institut Berlin.
During his studies he got the opportunity to work with great musicians such as Jim Black, Heinrich Köbberling, Eric Schaefer, Greg Cohen and Peter Weniger.
He is working with different projects as a sideman but also has his own group Jonas Friese Quartet for which he’s also composing.